Siena & San Giminiano
Location: ITALY
Up to 3 people: Euro : 500 Up to 6 people: Euro : 530 Up to 8 people: Euro : 550


Siena was founded in according with the legend in the early days of Roman era by Senious son of Remus. This explained the presence of the senese emblem of the twin being suckled by the she-wolf. In the 12th century Siena was on the side of the Holy Roman Empire it was led by the Ghibellines and become an independent republic, having prospered through its merchant who were famous throughout Europe and trough its bankers in fact she was a big treat for her rival the city of Florence which was led by the Popes and the Guelphs. Today what we have left from the middle ages are the beautiful narrow streets, squares and contrade a series of parishes whose ancient rivalries are still acted out in the twice a yearly Palio (bareback horse race from 1283 every July 2nd and August 16th) honored as you wonder the streets by the flags with colors and symbols of each contrade. Siena is also the native town of the patron of Europe St. Catherine the relic of her body is the church of St. Mary of Minerva in Rome meanwhile her head is preserved in the church of St. Domenic in Siena. San Giminiano is probably the best example in Italy of medieval town, was on the main pilgrim route from Northern Europe to Rome, with its 13 house towers built by noble families between the 12th and 13th century as a form of house and protection since it rises on a hill overlooking the Elsa valley and its wineries.

Day like:

The Tour is 11h usually it starts at 7:30AM . Your driver will meet you in the lobby or where you indicate. The drive to Siena is about 2,5/h. The driver is allowed to drive right up to city center from there you will have about 2 hours to wonder on your own reaching out to the major sites like the Duomo one of the most beautiful example of gothic architecture remaining in Italy and Piazza del Campo where the Palio takes place. Right after you can either choose from having lunch in Siena or head towards San Giminiano and on the way stop at a winery to try local Chianti wine and food. After lunch visit of San Giminiano and head back to Rome.

Helpful Info:

To enter the Duomo and any other worship place you must cover up your shoulders and your knees.

  1. Duomo 10.30am - 7:00pm on Sunday opens at 1:30pm. Entrance fee from E. 4,00 till E. 7,00


Up to 3 people: Euro : 500

Up to 6 people: Euro : 530

Up to 8 people: Euro : 550

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