Dear Custumer,

I come from a childhood spent on travelling around North America with my family, which was great it made me feel special because I was able to learn and know about other people's traditions, culture and way of living. In 1994 I returned in Italy, where I was born and completed my studding's and has I mentioned in a letter a while ago to one of my best friends in New York, once back I really realized that I had a strong interest in my country's history or anything that had to do with the made in Italy and since I learned so much from others when I was a child it would have been like a little dream or coincidence that maybe one day I would have the chance to pass on to other people from all over everything that I experienced and achieved by living here. In the year 200I, after several years of school specializing in ancient history and renaissance architecture, I got hired by a big limo company in Rome receiving many great reviews on tripadvisor which made me feel very proud of myself. That is how my dream came true in fact just few years ago I come up with the idea of putting together a team of passionate and professional driver guides all around Italy with a long experience in the tourism business , like a sports team with all top players, obviously our goal is not to score a point but to get the best out of your time here in Italy! "Expect the best and we'll serve you the best!"

Yours Truly

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