Roman hills & Countryside
Location: ITALY
Up to 3 people: Euro : 500 Up to 6 people: Euro : 530 Up to 8 people: Euro : 550


The Roman Hills, known also as Roman Castles, have always been an area of retreat for the Romans , in the middle ages the area become a big fortress, that explains the name, meanwhile in the 16th and 17th century change into a place of luxurious residences with their spectacular parks. There are all together over 10 small town on the hills most of them still keep that middle ages look small streets, guarding towers and small fortress even if unfortunately during World War II some of them were damaged by bombs. These towns are all famous for the production of great white wine, extra verging olive oil, bread, wine biscuits and the roast pork called Porchetta.

Day like:

The Tour is 9/h usually it starts at 08:00AM . Your driver will meet you right under the ship holding a sign with your last name on it he will always monitor time in order to have you back to the ship by 05:30 pm at the latest. The drive to city center and back to the port, due to traffic, is about 1,5/h each way. This is really a very relaxing day trip driving through the hills with stops first in Castel Gandolfo the town of the pope's summer Residence to see the Apostolic Palace, the lake and to visit a small family run winery to try the famous white wine and the extra virgin olive oil. The day continues toward the town of Nemi loved by the Emperor Caligola and famous for its wild strawberries cakes.

Helpful Info:

To enter the Vatican and any other worship place you must cover up your shoulders and your knees.


Up to 3 people: Euro : 320

Up to 6 people: Euro : 350

Up to 8 people: Euro : 380

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