Christian Rome
Location: ITALY
Up to 3 people: Euro : 380 Up to 6 people: Euro : 420 Up to 8 people: Euro : 460


All Rome is of the Popes since they ruled, built and commissioned art work for centuries as a way for their propaganda world-wide spiritual dominion. In 312 Constantine legalized Christianity allowing Christians to practice their Religion in public and to built official churches, actually three built under him. First one was right over an area owned and donated to the Christian community by the Emperor himself where the Christians built the first church in Rome St. John in Lateran (Lateran from the location) which become the first residence of the Vatican known by the Romans as the main Cathedral of Rome. The next Basilica built under Constantine was over the area where tradition wants St. Peter being cross fixed today that is the Vatican St. Peters. The third church was also built over a Necropolis where the Apostle Paul was buried, many are the churches in Rome to be visited most of them are non touristy and they were built over houses from the I and IV century A.D. back in the days used by the Roman Christians to practice their religion and were known as Domus Ecclesia. Today they all preserverelics and art work from artist like Michelangelo, Bernini and Caravaggio and many others.

Day like:

The tour is 7/h usually it starts at 09:00AM . Your driver will meet you in lobby or wherever you indicate. During the tour you will visit St. John's, the Sanctum Sanctorum (Holy Staircase), St. Croce, St. Mary Major, St. Prassede, St. Paul's and more..

Helpful Info:

To enter the Vatican and any other worship place you must cover up your shoulders and your knees.

You are required to purchase tickets on line to avoid long queues for:

- Coliseum


Always remember to get the reservation printed out and take it with you.

If you spend more than one day in Rome we suggest you to visit Rome and the Vatican on a different day.

Coliseum tickets: 14 Euros (Reservation fee included)

Vatican Museums tickets: 25 Euros (Pre-sales fee included)

Catacombs ticket: 8 Euros

Ostia Ruins: 8 Euros

Tivoli Gardens: 8 Euros

Etruscan Museum: 8 Euros


Duration 7 Hours

Up to 3 people: Euro : 380

Up to 6 people: Euro : 420

Up to 8 people: Euro : 460

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